The One Thing Companies Forget to Mention When Talking About Culture

What do you look for when exploring a potential employers benefits package? 401K? Flexible work hours? What about onsite car washes? Or 24/7 workout facility? 

The bar has officially been raised. 

If you've stumbled across the careers page of any tech company recently, it's not unlikely to see perks such as; free beer, unlimited PTO, catered lunches, etc. Perks, that up until a few years ago were not all that common. It seems as if there's a fast-growing game of one-upping each other with awesome perks intended to translate into amazing company culture. 

While these types of benefits can certainly help sway a candidate one way or another, there's one very critical part of company culture that rarely gets talked about. The leadership team. 

Most every company has a set of core values that define them. If you are a job seeker, find out what those values are before joining a company and ask for examples of how upper management carries out those values in their day to day work. 

If you're a senior executive or even founder of said company, take a good hard look at how you're making strategic decisions and ask yourself if they're aligned with the values you set forth. Does your company value creativity? Then it probably wouldn't be wise to put in stifling procedures that limit how work is executed. 

A lot of companies claim to have great culture, but how do you demonstrate it during the recruiting process? At Flywheel, we openly welcome people to our office and invite them for lunch. Even if they're not formally applying for a job, they get the opportunity to talk with members of our team and witness the interactions we have amongst each other. When there's 60+ of us eating lunch in the same room, it's easy to pick up on the vibe and energy. 

Culture is more than just a flashy careers page, it's the actions (small or large) taken every day by your leadership team and the waterfall effect it has on each individual in the company.